The Book of Secrets

Available for purchase October 1st:
Kar-Ben Website

A graphic novel adventure of a sibling duo who discover the reality of ancient Jewish stories as they search for their grandparents            

I have made many comic books in my life, mostly self-published zine style, but I always knew that I wanted to concentrate my energies at some point and create a full length graphic novel.

When I was 25, I started learning about my Jewish heritage in a much deeper and inspired way.  Many things that I never knew existed in my own culture were shown to me, such as ecstatic singing and mystical stories, and I was on fire with excitement. It was natural for me to start translating the stories that I was hearing into the comic medium. The tales of the chassidim, with their fantastical adventures, or tales of midrash, that took the stories from the Torah, and expanded upon them, all held my fascination. But it wasn’t until I illustrated one particular story, The Tainted Grain by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, that I knew that my book had begun. While it was a very short story, it was one of the deepest stories I had ever come across. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! Very quickly I came up with the images, and characters, and before long I completed it. I knew then that this was part of something larger. And so I set off to find other stories that wanted to be told and translated into comics. And the final project comes to you as The Book of Secrets.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed writing and drawing it! Scroll for a quick preview and an intro video to this creation.

My 2 minute pitch to the Jewish Book Council (Video starts in a few seconds.)